Melike Kerpel Art

I am a visual artist from Izmir and have been living as a nomad artist a way of full time traveling since
January 2018.

My experience in graphic arts and art direction covers about 15 years. During the last 5 years of my career
I am more focused and passionate about street art and digital illustrations. I like having a wide range of surfaces, from walls to surfboards,
from sneakers to canvases.

In the past years, I worked on many projects in Africa, Asia, Americas, Caribbean, in and around Europe. 
I am actively engaged in it through participating in
cross-cultural working environments and
international projects.


Mural at Ocean Beach, San Diego

Mural Design for San Diego Samesun Hostel

As a part of the mural tour while traveling around the world; this mural is commissioned by the Samesun Hostel at Ocean Beach,
San Diego, 2021.

Appreciate Nature



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